Pap Safety Glass

or PSG quality, effectiveness and safety are factors strongly connected and attached to company’s ethics. Lead by the priority of providing our customers with confidence for their purchase our company ensures that our glass products are officially certified in complete transparency in the most respected Institutes in E.U.


Certification for thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass (lab number 1750) .

Pap Safety Glass SA has commissioned TNO Quality Services B.V. with the assessment of the performance of thermally toughened glass as defined in EN121501.

According to EN12150-2 : 2004 ‘Evaluation of conformity’ an initial type testing of a thermally toughened glass product is aimed to establish if a product conforms to the definition of thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass.

An initial type testing concerns the product aspects, aspects as listed below: -Mechanical strength measurement in accordance with EN12150 (EN 1288-3). -Fragmentation test in accordance with EN12150.

Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro S.c.p.A.:

Certification for Laminated safety glass (lab number 0073).

-High temperature test and High humidity test according to ISO EN 12543 -4:2011.
-Pendulum test-Impact test method and classification for flat glass tests according to EN 12600:2002.
-Hard Body Drop Test-Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack according to EN 356:1999.


Certification for Insulating glass units
(lab number 1139).

Long term method and requirements for moisture penetration according to CSN EN 1279 – 2. Calibrated measuring gauges of testing laboratory were used during test. Dew point test was performed using of equipment according to CSN EN 1279-2 in the vertical position the temperature was measured with thermometer. The cooling was performed with solid carbon dioxide and ethanol.

Climatic test was performed in the climatic chamber CTS controlled by the calibrated thermo – and hygrometer by the validated software CID – PRO.

Determination of moisture content and adsorption capacity of desiccant was performed using of oven Tempra with calibrated thermocouples and verified laboratory balances KERN 770 – 14.